The European Union [bless its cotton socks] forces all websites of companies based within EU to explain what cookies are. Seriously. Not making this up.. So all visitors to EU websites see all these warnings about cookies, and start thinking that they may be bad things. Like maybe they have calories or something.. go figure! ..Anyway.

Therefore, and in compliance with the law (because that is how we roll, even when said laws are pretty much what some people may consider to be silly) here you can find an explanation. Wikipedia is also a good place, but have a read here anyway - we maybe slightly more entertaining in the way we explain things.

[Seriously though, if you like the idea of finding out more about cookies, or anything else that has to do with tracking, please feel free to contact us. At the end of the day Upgrade Two Ltd. (that is us) is a company that is build from the need to responsibly (and in a manner that will never betray the trust of users) track unique visitor actions through cookies. So we know our stuff, and we should be able to explain things quite nicely.] Sooooo....


Cookies are small text files that contain a string of characters... (like: "abdcddedffedddfggghei".. or similar). These mindless little strings of characters (simple text) are stored in a safe place on your browser (especially provided by your browser, exactly because they are fine to have there) and are used by websites that are interested in tracking your behaviour and figure things out; like when you visited, if you are a repeat visitor etc. So pretty much that is it: pieces of text that are stored on your browser when you visit.


Although in the wilderness of the internet cookies are used primarily for tracking users to offer advertising, less annoying people (like us) only use cookies to personalise your experience and for anonymous reporting reasons (the cookie doesn't know who you are, so we don't know who you are either). Unless you buy something from us on this website, in which case we will know who you are and we will be able to associate the visit with the purchase.. but currently you can't buy anything on this website, so nothing to worry there. In any case, when we drop you a cookie and you re-visit, he cookie just says to our systems "hi, it's abdcddedffedddfggghei from before.. remember me? I have come here before". And our system says "hi abdcddedffedddfggghei.. I remember last time you were interested in cooking.. interesting...".. (yeah.. discussions between computers aren't always fascinating...).

We should mention that also, we have used the help of a great company called Squarespace for the template of this website. They occasionally also use these cookies to identify if someone has come back within thirty days or so. You may want to have a visit on their website ( for exactly what they do with cookies, but we are fairly sure that they haven't left any on our website on purpose.. so we should be fine there.

Finally, we have set up Google to track which pages you visit (which is done thought Google cookies as well), so we can understand what is interesting to our visitors and eventually properly improve this website. [If we didn't do this, we would just have to go around doing whatever the boss says about our website design, and that is not good for anyone.. trust me on this.]

Right. So, to be clear:

  • Cookies on this website will never be used to identify you personally. [Typically, cookies by themselves and without special effort by the website owners, can't do that anyway; but we thought we should clarify just in case you were wondering].
  • Cookies that are picked up by your browser on this website are not used anywhere else. So you can be sure there will be no advertising shoved under your nose as a result of these cookies. (By the way, that isn't to say that you will see less adverts anywhere else on the internet.. just that wherever you she ads, they are not going to be targeting you based on your behaviour on this website.) Not if we can help it. Which we can. Because we don't give any information relating to our website to anyone outside our partners mentioned above - even the anonymous stuff.
  • Cookies here don't have any calories. Or GM stuff. They are green, and as CO2 goes, we don't think they produce much.
  • We aren't using cookies for anything else. At all. Whatsoever. Apart with our tea sometimes - but that is another story.

There. This is it. Let it be known that Cookiebite happily complies with EU law.

If you take something from your visit to this page, please take this: Cookies by themselves aren't bad things. Cookies can - and usually do - make your experience on various websites better. Honestly. But, as with all great things, naughty people may use them to profit, and to make your experience with the internet less cool. And EU wants you to know about that, so they force everyone to say what they do with cookies.. 

So please go forth accepting cookies from companies, and if you have Internet Explorer, do check your settings as Microsoft likes to witch-hunt from time to time it seems... It is bad people you shouldn't like. Cookies are fine.

If you still don't want our cookies, well, either turn them off (please google how you can do this) or kindly make your excuses and politely go somewhere else.

With love, [seriously, we are overly excited when people visit this website. So yes, we love you].

The Upgrade2 Team