It is not rare for small independent companies - like upgrade2 -  to move quickly. Suitors come and go, hoteliers show great interest and start the ball rolling on their side for the great ancillary sales experiment. This means that there is always something noteworthy happening - certainly more than what our small and very busy team can find the time to write about, without neglecting something else. However, not all newsworthy news have the same impact, and today we are delighted to announce formally that Roland Tanner is part of the upgrade2 DNA.

Roland has held key positions in major organisations for the last two decades, including six years as Vice President for Product Management at Pegasus Solutions, and another ten years as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solutions Officer at Lanyon. He is an active member to OTA and HTNG, where he has been repeatedly recognised for his contributions. Additionally he has held positions of distinction within the hospitality industry - such as that of President at HEDNA.

"Roland's engagement with us is simply fantastic for upgrade2" said Yannis Anastasakis. "I know Roland for over a decade now, and in that time I have been fortunate to work with him and for him. He has always been a major stabilising influence to me, offering a wealth of knowledge, information and guidance. Having him as part of the team is a major win for Cookiebite and Upgrade2. I can't think of a clearer sign that our ideas and direction at Cookiebite are - at the very least - attractive to those who understand how things work in the hospitality industry."

Roland Tanner said: 

"I am very happy to be involved with upgrade2. I think they have the right people involved, they have come up with the right product, and they are addressing the right marketplace. There are clear, pertinent and immediate opportunities for hoteliers in the ancillary sales space; and the introduction of a true e-commerce tool that addresses specifically this space, is simply very exciting as it represents strong RevPAR uplift potential for every type of property".
"I see Cookiebite and the upgrade2 product as a relatively new company with a very mature idea, which is already converted into an exciting product. They are fast-moving and working in a market which so far, remains largely untapped. It will be a pleasure being involved and helping them stay on the right track."

Vladimir Martinov, also member of the Board of Directors at Cookiebite, welcomed Mr. Tanner by saying:

"I am delighted to be working with Roland on upgrade2. I personally value a lot his views and opinions, his understanding of the marketplace, and I know his strategic guidance and intelligence will be invaluable to us and our clients. I am very happy to see him as part of the team and I will be very much looking forward to working with him in the coming years."

Upgrade2 is a Cookiebite.NET product, which enables hoteliers' websites with a powerful e-commerce platoform, specifically designed for post-reservation ancillary sales. You can find more information about the company and the product at