Another major milestone in the upgrade2 story has been reached. The Savoy Hotel in Denmark, is now live on the upgrade2 ancillary sales and e-commerce platform.

"We are absolutely delighted to have this hotel in our client list" said Roland Tanner, member of the upgrade2 board. "We have always known that we are bringing to the market something very new and very different, but which also creates huge value to our hotel clients and, most importantly, to their guests. We expect upgrade2 to revolutionise the way hotels and customers interact in the post reservation stages, and the first hotels that are coming on board with upgrade2 are critical to our success. For that reason we have been very selective when approaching our initial hotel clients."

"We have been on the lookout for genuine market leaders to take our product and prove its value beyond any doubt. Christian Oxlund, the hotel's General Manager, has been excellent to work with and comes with a proven record of spotting opportunities to provide a great service. It is no coincidence that his hotel is one of the top hotels on Tripadvisor in Copenhagen. We are looking forward to seeing great things happening to this hotel's business."

Christian Oxlund, hotel GM, also commented: 

"I am always interested in new technologies that help us build a better offering, better value, and ultimately better services to our customers. upgrade2 presents us with the perfect tool to take a lot of the work we used to do by e-mail, and handle it in an e-commerce environment. But critically, it also helps us present to our customers an extensive and personalised range of products and services, specifically tailored to each customer's stay. To us, this kind of service enhancement, alongside an increase in ancillary revenues, is exactly what we have been looking for. When I saw what upgrade2 does, there was no question in my mind. Our customers are going to love this, and so will our Financial Controller. This is a win win."

You can find more information on the Savoy hotel by visiting the property here. And - as always - you can find more, obligation-free information about the upgrade2 product, by contacting us here.