Sales/Business Development Manager – South East Europe

Upgrade Two Ltd. is a technology start-up that was founded in 2016. We are a UK registered company with company number 10505978. We are privately funded, and our aim is to ‘own’ the market space that exists after a hotel reservation is done. In the two years since our constitution, we have designed, developed and deployed the world’s first dedicated ancillary booking software (ABS) for the hotel industry.

Upgrade2 ( is the company’s main product – a piece of cutting edge software that is compatible with 99% of hotel internet booking engines, and allows customers to customise their stay, purchase additional products, and even go on a standby for a better room type after a reservation is done.

Following a recent breakthrough, upgrade2 also functions as a very cool, personalised e-mail engine – always working in tight collaboration with a hotel’s property management and central reservation systems. It is intelligent in ensuring that only relevant stay-specific and guest-specific offers are ever seen by the guests.

Implementations of upgrade2 are extremely easy and quick – and our conversion rates are unprecedented in the market, so the software is not difficult to sell!

We are now looking to immediately employ a dedicated sales person for the role of Sales/Business Development Manager for the South Eastern European region.

The Role:

You will be organising appointments with hoteliers who are interested in our software.

More often than not, you will be travelling to hotel markets in the Balkans where you will be having face to face sales calls with general managers, revenue, marketing and sales directors who are interested in improving conversions from their key direct channels. It is you who will be explaining the functionality of upgrade2, demonstrating its benefits, and ensuring that contracts are signed.

You will soon be considered an authority in reservations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ancillary booking software (ABS) and you will be a confident and capable presenter. You will be participating in key industry events, where you will be representing our company.

You will be based either out of our local offices in Sofia, or from your home (where we will assist you to set up).

The role is within a start-up company, where processes are not yet crystallised. This role requires people who don’t mind being flexible or doing different things every day, and people who aren’t afraid to fight for their clients. You will need to be (and we will help you to become) comfortable with asking for additional functionalities from our product team. You must be able to listen to your customers, and reporting on what are the market needs/what changes we need to make. The people that surround this role are intelligent, fun and helpful, so you can also expect to also have fun.

Once you have established yourself in the role, you will be asked to employ and participate in the training of new sales staff that will work with you, and report to you.

The base salary will be reasonable. The total package will present you with an opportunity to achieve significant sales bonuses and commissions.  


You speak excellent English as a second language, and you are someone who conveys professionalism. You are a good presenter, you have trusting relationships with your customers, and you are familiar with the hotel market. You don’t mind travelling, and you thrive when selling. You are not scared of software - ideally you have sold software in a previous role.

You have a hotel sales, revenue management, or software sales background.

You enjoy the freedom of working under your own steam – although you will find that we will nurture you and give you ample direction until you are ready.

You have integrity, and you are honest.

The fantastic candidate who will knock our socks off:

  • Is multilingual. Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, French or German (beyond the essential English) will be a serious advantage.

  • Knows their HTML from their JavaScript. No coding skills are needed – but again they would be an advantage.

  • Has experience with affiliate marketing software technology.

  • Is extremely familiar with Microsoft and Adobe software solutions. Additional productivity suite experience (Jira, Salesforce etc.) will be a further advantage.

  • Has hotel experience / has experience in companies where he or she sold software solution(s) to hotels.

  • Has worked in a start-up environment, likes selling, and delights in achieving sales targets.

  • Can comfortably discuss the flow of a reservation record from a channel to a Channel Manager, to a CRS, to a PMS.

  • Is comfortable working as a consultant – especially during the first few months of a probation period.

Upgrade Two Ltd. is a start up with unusual clarity in its vision. We know that good people is our priority, and we are keen to create an environment of social awareness and genuine business relationships – with both our employees and clients.

If you are socially aware, mindful and keen to help, then we would love to hear from you irrespectively of your background or circumstances.

To apply visit our contact us section and leave your e-mail, or contact Joy on her LinkedIn profile. You could also just ping us on twitter. We shall look forward to hearing from you.