At upgrade2 we are delighted to announce that another lovely hotel – the Monte Leon in Mexico – has joined out international list of clients.
A member of LAHRES, the Monte Leon is a boutique hotel in the heart of León in Mexico’s state of Guanajuato, and just like all of upgrade2’s clients, have a passion for genuine, heartfelt service and convenience. 

We are delighted to have our first property being set up with upgrade2” said Emmanuel Hernández Gómez, head of e-commerce at LAHRES.“The opportunities presented to our hotels through this agreement are obvious. Hotels can choose from endless options that will enhance the end customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and effectively teaching guests that once you have made a reservation with the hotel directly – through the LAHRES systems – you are going to be looked after right away.
“To my knowledge, there is no other reservations systems supplier out there that offers what LAHRES can offer through the upgrade2 integration. Our hotels are now able to be ahead of even the biggest international brands; we are now offering a seamless post reservation experience, personalized for each and every customer. It is difficult not to be excited about something as significant as that”.

When asked about this addition, Vladimir Martinov, the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Owner of upgrade2, explained:

There aren’t many hotels in the world that know, understand and focus on ancillary hotel services and sales online. From that perspective, LAHRES hotels are at the forefront of not only some pretty clever technological breakthroughs, but also at the forefront of offering each customer what they want, when they want it
Having already discussed and agreed this implementation with LAHRES, and with the integration between the two companies being now complete and seamless, I know that only very good things will come out for everyone involved.

Julio C Gomez Jonguitud, General Manager of the hotel, was quoted as saying:

I am very happy to see my property leading the way. We are very interested with the opportunity to attract direct business to our website, but also with the opportunity to offer our wide range of products and services to our guests, in such an innovative and user friendly manner. I expect upgrade2 to be an integral part of our online sales strategy for many years to come.

upgrade2 is the world's first post reservation hotel ancillary sales e-commerce engine. For a no-obligation demonstration of what we can do for your business, simply contact us here; alternatively, you can take upgrade2 for a spin yourself by following the instructions you will find here

Thank you for your interest in us,

The upgrade2 team.