We are very happy to announce that upgrade2, the world's first upgrade sales conversion engine for hotels, is getting... upgraded. Our boffins tinkered tirelessly for almost a year, with a singular task - to find a way to increase conversions, decrease load times and increase customers satisfaction. We think they did a stellar job!

Our upgrades include:

  • Conversion page. This is the part that customer sees right after they make a reservation on your website. This page is now looking absolutely stunning. Customers can't miss it, and no matter what the hardware or software they are using (despite some clever and very deliberate variations) the impression is always the same!
  • Shopping cart. This is the area that the customers use to select their ancillary products and services. Usability studies have shown a very improved conversion ratio there, so we have great expectations on this one.
  • Log-in screens for hoteliers. They are now elegant and in line with our overall look and feel.
  • Back office for hoteliers. This is where all elements of your system are now super-smooth and easy to the eye.

Have a look below at some screen caps for your information, and as always - simply contact your account manager to get in the queue for an upgrade.


The upgrade2 new conversion page screens. This is what your customers will see when they are invited to customise their stay with you.

The upgrade2 shopping cart is slightly different per platform - to ensure maximum quality in the experience of the end consumer.

You, the hotelier, you are now able to work in a fully streamlined and - even if we say so ourselves - pretty environment.

A streamlined, fast and efficient back office application so you can easily work with upgrades for your customers.