It isn't very often that someone launches an exciting new product. So Monday will be an extremely lovely day for us, as we will have the privilege to launch the world's first dedicated, post reservation ancillary services tool for hotels.

I will be presenting to the 2015 European Meeting of Epoque Hotels at the Grand Central Hotel in Barcelona on the 1st of June, as the first of a line of rather impressive guest speaker (so the pressure is definitely on :) . I will be covering trends in ancillary sales, direction of CRS technology development globally, and some excellent ways in increasing reservations and improving RevPAR on the direct reservation channels.

In my experience such smaller events tend to be really useful; hoteliers and presenters are focusing on the real essence of what is important, and there is much more of honesty, transparency and interest in the discussions, than what you find in the large events (where the news is really, old news. Personally, I look forward to speaking freely about what I really think and see as going on in the industry, and explaining why I see post reservations marketing as a hugely untapped and extremely valuable market. 

I will be posting comments and an update here soon after the event.